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As soon as the weather starts getting a little bit warmer we can hear it. The talk about a summer body. Here are all the things you need to do to get a summer body, get a summer body quick, etc etc…

But what is a summer body? The standards of beauty change way too often for there to be a “summer body.”

Parfait Christy Microfiber Seamless Molded Underwire Tankini


It’s unfortunate that so many women hold back in the summertime because they don’t strive for a summer body, or just aren’t made for what it takes to slim down quickly. They don’t go to the beach or in their friend’s pool as often as they want to, and they cover up their bodies through the high heat even though it feels dreadful.


Parfait Soft Padded Knotted Front Molded Underwire Bikini Top


There are also super cute swimsuits that come out every year that are flattering to all shapes, supportive, and sexy, and we want every woman to find a suit that fits her well, makes her feel good, and gets her enjoying all that summer has to offer. It’s not all about string bikinis, ladies!


Sexy Strappy One Piece Bathing Suit by Mapale


A summer body is whatever body you have! No one should feel excluded from rocking the swimwear they love, or staying out of the sun or the water!

If you ever need some advice on how to pick a swimsuit that’s right for you, have questions about our inventory, or need to know how to achieve the optimal support this summer, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or reach out to our Bra Doctor.


Parfait Keira Microfiber & Crochet Lace Padded One Piece Swimsuit

Do you have any life hacks to enjoy the summer? What is your experience with coming to terms with your own summer body? Please feel free to share in the comments!

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