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You may have always been told you shouldn’t wear underwear to bed, but is that totally true?

As comfort is dominating lingerie right now, some research has been done as to whether or not wearing underwear to bed really has any negative health implications.

It really comes down to what type of underwear you wear to bed. If you absolutely cannot go sans panties to bed, shop these styles to stay comfy during your sweet dreams while also letting your body breathe.

Cotton or Bamboo

It’s best to go for the cottons, the bamboos, and the natural fibres that naturally breathe and don’t cling to your body. As with any underwear you’re wearing to bed – and every day, for that matter – they need to fit well. They shouldn’t be tight, and they shouldn’t dig in anywhere or not cover your crotch.

These more natural fibres will sit nicely on the body while they also have the breathability your body craves as its tossing and turning.

Granny Panties or Full Coverage Panties

You don’t want to wear any underwear that will rise into any of your crevices. Opt for something full coverage that surrounds your body softly and delicately.

Also, these full coverage styles are sexy in their simplicity and flattery. They definitely won’t kill the romance when they fit your curves right!

Moisture Wicking Undies

The name says it all, really. Your nether regions build up moisture throughout the day, even when you’re sleeping. A moisture wicking panty can help keep the moisture at bay – it doesn’t kill it (you actually want that moisture), but instead, it makes sure it doesn’t build up in one spot.

These styles are also cute to look at, they’re comfortable, and they’re seamless for versatility galore.

Boxers or Briefs?

If you’ve never tried men’s underwear, ladies, you’re missing out!

A men’s boxer is quite comfortable to wear to bed, and give you all the flexibility and breathability you want for bed. If you don’t have someone you can steal them from, grab some of your own.

A bonus fashion tip: if you don’t have shorts to wear under a maxi dress and your legs are prone to chafing, wear a pair of men’s boxers underneath. They cover the part of the thigh that chafes, plus offer you that security and seamlessness you want!

A couple of bonus tips to make sure sleeping in your undies isn’t going to do you any damage:

You want to avoid wearing thongs, lace, satin, or anything that’s too narrow or tight. This will block air, run up your body, and as a result, you can experience irritation and infection.

You also don’t want to go to bed in the same panties you’ve worn all day. Chances are, no matter the style, they’ve built up some moisture and sweat. It’s best to have a space in your drawer for panties you sleep in.

Do your prefer wearing underwear to bed or going commando?

Let us know in the comments below your experiences and tips!

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