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DIY Guide To Repurposing Your Old Lingerie

Let’s face it ladies; we don’t need to throw out our old or unwanted lingerie anymore.

Not only are there many ways you can recycle your lingerie to help others, but if you want to get a little creative, you can add new purpose to those things you might not want to part with yet!

Get those glue guns out – these tutorials are not only easy, but they offer super creative solutions to repurpose every part of the bra.


Bra Pads as Shoe Inserts

You wouldn’t believe how comfortable this can be! Image via Closette

Before you splurge on shoe pads for that new pair of heels, look through your bra drawer for that padded bra you no longer wear.

You can cut out the pads and use the bra pads as shoe inserts! The soft cushion will act like that pillow on your foot you desperately need, plus you don’t have to spend any money. If you’re concerned they won’t stay, try some double sided tape to keep it secure in your shoe.

DIY Floral Headband

We all have that little pile of bra straps in our underwear drawer from our strapless bras, or perhaps a bra with detachable straps we no longer wear.

Use this old bra strap to create a beautiful DIY floral headband! All you need are some fabric flowers, a hot glue gun, and some thumb tacks, and you’re set to make the cutest accessory for the summer! We could also see this as a great DIY to do with your bridal party for your wedding!

Turn Your Bra into A Bikini Top

You’d never believe this was an old bra! Image via Tasha Del Rae

How hard is it to find a bathing suit top that fits as well as a bra? We know; almost impossible.

So take a bra that’s maybe a little bit stained or faded and turn it into a bikini top! It’ll take a little bit of sewing talent, but this tutorial breaks it down step by step. This was by far the easiest tutorial we could find, and it doesn’t take a lot to make this beautiful top!

Create Your Own Strappy Bralette or Caged Bra

Strappy bralettes are so trendy right now, but maybe they aren’t in your budget right now or you want something with some more support.

All you need is a strapless bra, some fabric threads, a hot glue gun, and some needle and thread, and you can follow this simple video to make some of the trendiest bras for yourself! You can play with colors and patterns to make a bra that shows off your personality and style sense.

Are you going to try any of these DIY lingerie tutorials?

Share with us in the comments below!

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