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The biggest rule in fashion right now: forget the rules!

Fashion used to have so many guidelines to follow, but lately, fashion is all about individualistic style and self-expression. And so, many of the fashion rules we used to swear by no longer apply.

In case navigating the new fashion world is confusing, here are the fashion rules to break to let your most stylish side shine through.


Rule #1: Never Show Your Bra

While this rule still applies in most professional environments, your bra is no longer something to hide. With all the fashion detail in lingerie currently, there’s no reason to hide it!

Bras are being made to show off, with strappy details and lacy bits galore. Even bra straps are becoming more decorated so you don’t have to worry about hiding them or going strapless all the time.

So ladies, invest in that beautiful bra, and don’t be afraid to show off your purchase!


Rule #2: Leggings Are Not Pants

Leggings are a must for ladies on the go with crazy lifestyles that also want to be comfortable AND stylish. But it’s always been the rule that one must conceal their bums and cover up when in them.

Now, we think the thin cotton leggings may reveal way too much to be worn as pants, but now designers are creating high waisted leggings or leggings in a thicker material that lock you in and support you similar to how pants would.

So if you’re willing to invest in better quality, well-designed leggings, then by all means pair them with your little tee or crop top!


Rule #3: Curvy Girls Can’t Wear Bodycon

Three Quarter Slimmed Dress by Zaan

Most curvy girls have been told to accentuate the waist and let the fabric fly away from the hips. Either that, or cover up with looser silhouettes.

This rule is SO wrong! It’s actually much more flattering for a lady to accentuate her curves with form-fitting clothing of good quality and excellent fit. Those curves are meant to be shown off, and when the garments (and the undergarments) fit you well, you look FABULOUS!


Rule #4: Horizontal Stripes Make You Look Bigger

Stripes have been a staple pattern in fashion for the past few years, and we doubt that’s going away soon. So why shy away from the bold look for fear of an optical illusion that doesn’t really exist?

Once again, fit is key when it comes to what is and isn’t flattering. Yes, it is kind of true that thin horizontal stripes can play with the eyes and make curves stand out. But so what? Don’t hide the curves you’re blessed with and miss out on a super versatile and fun pattern!


Rule #5: Don’t Mix Certain Colours

You’ve heard these rules before: don’t mix your neutrals, only wear one type of metallic, don’t wear bright colors with more bright colors … the list goes on.

So wear that nude top with those navy pants, try those silver flats with the rose gold bag, and pair that bright neon with those royal blue bottoms! Color is fun and collaborative and should be embraced for its beauty, not simmered down for fear of being too eccentric.

One of the best rules of fashion is to follow your heart and wear what makes you feel happy, confident, and sexy. Regardless of your budget, body size, body shape, or stature, we encourage you to wear what speaks to you – that’s what makes a style star.

Which of these rules are YOU going to break? Are there any other fashion rules you think should be extinct?

Join the conversation in the comments below!

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