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You probably hear very often that about 90% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

Whether or not you believe the conflicting percentages, it’s very true that a lot of women don’t wear the right bra size, either intentionally or unintentionally.

There was recently an article in the Daily Mail speculating that many celebrities wear the wrong bra size openly, and it made us wonder – how common are women purposely wearing the wrong bra to accentuate or hide their true size?

Kim Kardashian West and Kate Upton – just a couple celebs the Daily Mail article speculates are wearing the wrong bra size.

Think about how many times you’ve seen your favorite starlet wear something on the red carpet and wonder how they cleavage looks out of this world, only to see a street style snap a couple of days later where their boobs look significantly smaller. For some, it could be a really fabulous push up bra with extra padding. But for more than we might realize, sometimes wearing a bra that’s too small can push your breasts up to amazing heights – but at the cost of comfort and, if done often enough, health.

Christina Hendricks has an ample chest, and it appears that her cleavage is sky high from an ill-fitting bra. Via The Telegraph

There is so much pressure on celebrities to be as small as possible, so it’s no wonder that they would lie or try to conceal their true breasts size. It’s very common for us to squeeze ourselves into the wrong size for fear of judgement, and some of us just don’t want to admit that we’re not on a certain threshold of acceptable size. Come on ladies – we’ve all done it, right?

We’ve all done this – tried to fit into something that doesn’t quite work for us!

Here’s why this is dangerous: if we’re lying to ourselves about our size, it means we’re not accepting ourselves for who we are and what we’ve been blessed with. We have to realize that nobody important really cares about what number or letter we wear, and furthermore, we’re only doing ourselves a disservice by not wearing the right size, whether it’s our bra or our clothing.

Read about my personal journey in coming to terms with my own bra size.

We preach so much about finding your right bra size because it’s incredible how much wearing the right bra size can make you feel sexy and confident. When something fits your body properly, you’re lifted up in the right way, smoothed out properly, your posture improves, and overall, you look hot. The same goes with clothing! And your size is going to change from place to place, and so trying on is key and being open to moving between a couple sizes is your best bet for finding the best bra for you.

Image via Google

One last thing for the ladies in the back who don’t want to wear bras because they’re “uncomfortable” and “restraining.” The majority of you feel that way because you’re not wearing the right size! Bras that fit you well will sit properly and stay in place, the underwires won’t dig in, the straps won’t fall, and there will be no bulges that don’t exist. Consider reading how to measure your bra size at home, or go in to a reputable lingerie boutique and get measured there. Learn about your sister sizes so you know your options. Don’t just dismiss bras before you try your true size!

Yes please! via Giphy

The moral of the story: don’t deny your true size, and don’t try to fake your size because celebrities are doing it. You’re only cheating yourself of wearing the sexiest, most fabulous bras of your life!

Have YOU been able to embrace your true bra size?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Until next time, stay true to yourselves!




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