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Welcome to the fifth part of our new Love Yourself series. We believe in the power of lingerie and how it’s a tool to help people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Each part will focus on a particular body part that people can be insecure about, and how to embrace it with a little bit of help from lingerie.

Our legs are the vessels that walk us through life, so shouldn’t we be proud if they’re big and strong?

Most of us, regardless of the size of our thighs, have issue with them not being “perfect.” We may have cellulite, they may not be tight, and they may wiggle when we walk. None of these things are problems, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t insecure about it.

The thigh gap trend definitely didn’t help things, either. We’re bombarded with these images that our thighs are meant to be slim, toned, cellulite free, and they can’t touch. While those thighs are beautiful, so are every other kinds of thighs that don’t touch.

You can definitely try and strengthen your thighs through exercise which can result in reducing their size a bit, but you shouldn’t be upset if you don’t achieve what you see on screen or in the magazines. That’s not real – it’s photoshopped and made up to look like that.

Now, what about when you’re having a bad day and need a little bit of a pick-me-up, what should you do? Well, we’ve got a couple picks here to help you feel a little bit more confident on those days.

Seamless Panty

Having your panties dig into your thighs can make your pants cling to the top of the thighs, making them appear rounder and more uneven.

You’re safer with a seamless panty to eliminate that risk.

High Cut Panty

Hear us out on this one.

A high cut panty doesn’t really touch your thighs, but that high cut look is so very sexy. When you’ve got curvier thighs, it enhances that in a beautiful way.

Thigh Slimmer

There is shapewear that focuses on creating a more smooth, even thigh, for those days when you just need some help to feel confident.

They definitely aren’t constricting, even though they have maximum power.

Straight Leg Pant

We don’t mean skinny pants that are tight and cling to your body.

We meant a high quality straight leg pant that gently touches your legs, which can be a truly flattering look for any leg shape. You might need some tailoring to make them perfect, but that’s fairly normal.

What are YOU insecure about that you think we can help with? Let us know in the comments below!

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