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Valentine’s Day Lingerie – What to Get Your Sweetheart

Whether you’re the one buying lingerie for your loved one, or you’re the one surprising your honey by wearing something new, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to try out something daring and revamp your lingerie wardrobe.  But giving the gift of lingerie may have a few hidden negatives: getting the wrong size, sending the wrong message, or giving a type or style of lingerie too early in the relationship. Luckily we have some ideas – read on for advice about what to buy or wear for this (or any other) special occasion, based on how long you’ve been together.

222056 Midnight Kiss Long Satin Kimono by Blush, available at Now That's Lingerie

Midnight Kiss Kimono is perfect for the first Valentine’s Day together.


If You’re Buying it: This is the trickiest time in terms of buying lingerie for a significant other. If you’ve only been dating a short time, steer clear of lingerie, as it might be moving too fast or seem off-putting. But if you’ve been together six months or a year, it might be nice to surprise your sweetheart with lingerie. At this point, you might not know her exact size, so your best bet is going with a sexy but size-forgiving robe, like the Midnight Kiss long satin robe by Blush. It’s a thoughtful, thrilling gift that is sure to go over well.

If You’re Wearing it: Luckily, you are in a position to know your own size, so you can get a little more creative with your choice of lingerie. A first Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to bust out a lacy, fancy bra and panty set that you might not wear every day, like the Victorian Lace Bikini and Bra by Triumph Lingerie.

Long Term Relationship

223541 Luscious Strapless Lace Corset by Blush, available at Now That's Lingerie

Spice up your long term relationship with this Luscious strapless corset & panty by Blush.

If You’re Buying it: This is the point where you know her sense of style, and most likely, her size, so show her you know her well by finding lingerie she’d like, but might not buy herself. Bustier tops and corsets, like the Luscious Lace Corset by Blush Lingerie, are a good choice for your fashionable femme because many of them are sized like shirts (into small, medium, large) rather than by specific cup and back size, which even someone in a long term relationship might not know.

If You’re Wearing it: Use this as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. Always wearing bra and panty sets? Try a teddy, like the popular 2007 Catherine Teddy by Arianne Lingerie. Used to thongs or g-strings? Try a high-waisted brief or nightgown that provides more coverage. The thrill of something different will delight your significant other.


8792 Penelope Sheer Lace Chemise by Arianne, available at Now That's Lingerie

This feminine and classy long chemise is a sweet and sensual choice for newlyweds.

If You’re Buying it: Recovering from both the fun and stress of the wedding is key for your first Valentine’s Day. At this point, you might have accumulated a long of lingerie over the course of the relationship, and now’s the time to step back a bit and think about your new wife’s comfort. A lacy, slightly sheer nightgown, like the long, semi-sheer Penelope Chemise by Arianne Lingerie (available in both long and short versions) will show her that you appreciate her but you also want her to feel relaxed and comfortable.

If You’re Wearing it: Marriage can make you very comfortable, and you may tend to opt for your more comfortable and basic lingerie, but you might want to show your mate that you’re still excited about the relationship and want to keep things fresh. Tending towards the elaborate side, with layers of lingerie and extras like garter belts and stockings, sends this message in a totally appealing way. The best part is you might only need to buy one or two more pieces; the rest are already in your closet.


4002 Brigitte Lacy Retro Bra by Bra Doctor, available at Now That's

This lacy vintage Brigitte bra by Bra Doctor is a perfect mixture of comfort and femininity.

If You’re Buying it: Being married probably means you know her exact bra and panty size (and have easy access to her lingerie collection if you don’t remember it). This is another time to show her that you know what she likes: buy a matching bra and panty set at her favorite lingerie store.  Try to find her specific designer of choice, if she has one. Sexiness aside, she’ll appreciate the extra effort you went through to find something she loves in her specific style.  We love this retro Brigitte bra by Bra Doctor, a sensual compromise between femininity and comfort.

If You’re Wearing it: You know there are certain lingerie styles or outfits that your mate may want you to wear that are not in the range of your personal style.   But if you’re comfortable, you could take a walk on the wild side by dressing up in a fun little costume (like the classic French maid), a complete set of bra, panty, garter belt, stockings and heels, or dare to wear red lingerie when you usually prefer black, or slip on a teddy or skimpier panty style than you may normally wear.  You don’t have to be tarty, just flirty.  With your new burst of confidence, you’ll be sure to fulfill your mate’s fantasy by really committing to your role.

No matter what you wear this Valentine’s Day, put on your lingerie with enthusiasm and an open mind, and enjoy yourself!

Agree with my advice? Or do you have other inspiring lingerie ideas for Valentine’s Day (or any other special occasion)? Let us know by commenting below, on Twitter and our Facebook page!





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