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Body Positive YouTube Videos You Should Watch

We can’t get enough of the body positive movement, in case you can’t tell.

So to help you take a little break from life and indulge in some amazing YouTube content, here are some videos we loved surrounding body positivity for everyone.

Recreating Victoria’s Secret Angel Photos (But Body Positive) by Sierra Schultzzie

There’s no denying that the comments made by Victoria’s Secret regarding their model choice has impacted a lot of people. So as a statement, fashion YouTuber Sierra Schultzzie recreated some of the most iconic VS photos with no photoshop or altering.

Her goal was to show that anyone can be beautiful in lingerie, and she definitely proved that!

This video where she discusses body positivity, which she is a huge champion of, is also amazing!

You Go Girl! Body Positive Compilation With Jazz Compilation by As/Is

We love the representation shown in this video with Jazz. It’s basically a highlight reel of several body image conversations, which is raw and encouraging at the same time!

Girls Ages 6-18 Talk About Body Image by Allure

This video, while a little older, is heartbreaking to watch.

Body image issues are affecting girls at such a young age, when it really shouldn’t be a concern to them. It gives a glimpse into what our younger friends and family can be dealing with, so we can encourage body confidence early.

Strangers Get Undressed And Talk About Body Shape by Jubilee

This video is so powerful!

You see people of all walks of life, with different experiences, being candid about their own body image and more.

Why Don’t I Like The Way I Look? By Amaze ORG

This cute cartoon video digs pretty deep within some of people’s biggest struggles regarding their bodies and appearances. It’s honest about the many things we may experience, and tries to shed a light on why those things don’t matter.

We hope you watch all of these videos and take something important away from it – body positivity is for all of us, and we all struggle with it sometimes.

Are there any videos you’ve seen regarding body image and body positivity that you love? Share them with us in the comments!

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