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For a long time, lingerie has just been about women. But with becoming more aware of how important it is to nurture diversity, we’ve learned that we need to embrace lingerie being for EVERYONE!

When it comes to body positivity, which at NTL, we often use lingerie as a tool to support being body positive. We also see that more than just women need body positivity in our interactions with others.

Yes! via We Heart It

Body positivity seems to focus on women primarily. It could be because it’s been a pattern for a long time that women are to be one way, women have been objectified, and many of our industries focused on one type of woman. We’re finally saying no more, and working towards loving all women for who they are!

Parfait is one lingerie brand who is championing body positivity!

However, we also know through helping men, someone who is transgender, non-binary, and others with lingerie that we need to be more inclusive when we talk about body positivity. We want to help everyone feel good in their skin, and be more kind to themselves and others.

Lingerie is changing in a way that’s much more accessible to more people. We’re learning how to find the right lingerie for any body type, and we’re always here to help if you have questions.

We love this underwear ad by Dressmann’s! via Bustle

More work needs to be done to create products for all people, and to represent them in media and much more. So don’t be afraid to reach out in the meantime and let us know if you need fitting advice!

Do you have any lingerie questions you want us or the Bra Doctor to answer? Let us know in the comments below!

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