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Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Everyone seems to think that Valentine’s Day is strictly for couples and about buying chocolates and flowers for your partner. (Truthfully, I stock up on chocolate on the 15th, when it’s 50% off but 100% as delicious.)

Valentine’s Day is mostly a celebration of loving yourself! So, if you’re not in a relationship, you should spoil yourself with chocolate, flowers and sexy lingerie.

Here are some fun things to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single:

1.     Round up the girls, you’re going out!

Sex & The CitySex & The City has nothing on you and your girlfriends! Instead of staying in, get dressed in your finest and go out with your best girls! You can eat dinner while making fun of obnoxious couples expressing excessive PDA! After a few cocktails, you’ll be reminiscing about fun times you’ve all had together and remembering how important your friends are to you. Cap off the evening with some dancing and just let loose!

2.     Pajama party time!

Get a group of friends together and have a fun-filled pajama party. (This is also a great idea if you’re looking for a sexy singles party theme.) Lacy negligees and flannel are both accepted. Serve your favorite sleepover junk foods and fun drinks and play nostalgic music from when you all were younger, or have a funny old movie in the background. Make sure to take a video of your event so you can all laugh about it later.

3.     Attend an Anti-Valentine’s Day party!

Anti-Valentines Day Party

This has actually become a popular theme, for singles and couples alike. I promise I’m not making it up! If you’re feeling pretty cynical but want to have a good time, check out one in your local area or ask your friends if they know anyone hosting already. You’re sure to have fun, and you never know who you’re going to meet.

4.     Go on a spontaneous road trip.

Road Trip

Get together with a good friend, pick a destination and just drive! Sing together obnoxiously to all your favorite songs, talk about all the places you want to travel. Go somewhere that’s that’s relatively close by, but far away enough to feel like you’re on a mini-trip. Take in some local culture, like a play at the theatre, or do a little “window” shopping…

5.    Try a new and fun activity.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do but you never seem to have the time for it? Now is the time! Whether it’s joining a yoga class, a painting class, cooking class, skydiving… or going to a male strip club with a group of rowdy friends, just do it!

So whether you’re single or taken, remember that Valentine’s Day is about having fun with the person you love most – you!

Have fun! Dance, laugh and enjoy! 🙂

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  • Lonnie

    Nice list although #5 might be my least favorite!I want to find someone to take me to a burlesque show in Montreal!! Maybe I should do #4 and end up there! I Only need to talk someone into going!! #2 would be awesome, but a long shot!! Sure is fun to think about doing something special!!

  • Felicia

    Hi Lonnie,

    I’m so happy that you liked my list! Hopefully you got to do some fun activities with a special someone! 😉 I’m sure you got tons of love and cards on Valentine’s Day! 😉


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