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The sunshine, sandy beaches, and swimming pools are some of the best parts of summer – but so many women don’t let themselves enjoy it fully because of insecurity.

We get it, we all have our bad days, but don’t let that ruin your summer! We want you to have the best summer of your life, so we’re here to give you a couple of tips and a confidence boost!

Find a Swimsuit You Love

Female Racing Core Super Pro Back by Speedo

With the plethora of swimsuit styles out now, it’s easy to just overload on all the trends without really considering how much a good quality suit can make you feel fabulous.

Splurge on a swimsuit in a shape or style that YOU find flattering and comfortable, and don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more for a suit that’ll last you. Swimwear made with love and great fabric will suit your body so much nicer than the cheap stuff.

Embrace Your Beach Body

Image via We Heart It

Everywhere you look, there’s another article trying to tell you what a beach body is. No one should ever feel like they can’t enjoy the beach because of how they look – that’s just silly!

Try to remember that even if you think everyone is looking at you, chances are, they aren’t. And if they are, so be it! Show off that body in that cute new swimsuit with pride! You deserve to just let go of any insecurity and sip that cold drink and walk on the beach feeling fabulous and beautiful.

Say Yes To The Dress

Multi Tie Dress by Zaan

There’s no easier and more chic way to dress for the summer than throwing on a cute new dress and some sandals and heading off.

Embrace the thrill of a fun pattern to brighten up your summer, like this Multi-Tie Dress that you can tie up into different styles for each new occasion.

Do Something New

Image via Pinterest

A new challenge or executing a spontaneous adventure can do wonders for your self-confidence. Try challenging yourself to something new this summer – maybe go for a long hike, try a water sport, take a road trip somewhere you’ve never been – the options are endless!

Grab a girlfriend or someone special to do it with you to create a wonderful memory, or go solo.

Summer can be such a beautiful season to enjoy so many things, and it’s a shame to waste it away because you don’t feel confident enough to let loose. We hope you can push away all the noise and have the sexiest, most confident summer yet!

Do YOU have any fun summer plans?

Share with us in the comments below!

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