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Welcome to the next part of our new Love Yourself series. We believe in the power of lingerie and how it’s a tool to help people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Each part will focus on a particular body part that people can be insecure about, and how to embrace it with a little bit of help from lingerie.

So why do they call those little curves on your sides above your hips love handles? Especially when it’s so hard for you to love them?

Maybe because it’s something for your partner to hold on to. Maybe it’s because we should love the parts of our bodies that we feel insecure about, to wash those insecurities away!

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So why do we have them? It can be from gaining weight because of a number of reasons. For some women, that’s the first place we gain weight. It’s natural! It happens! It’s okay!

There are definitely exercises you can do to curb your love handles, and eating healthy foods can definitely help you reduce any growth of your love handles. But what about right now?

Right now, they are just a little bit more of you to love! With the right lingerie, you can minimize that “muffin top” effect that may distract you from loving your outfit.

Shapewear Panties

A shapewear panty is a great go-to to have on hand when you need a little lingerie pick-me-up.

Shop for a comfortable style that is about medium to high rise, with breathable fabric. It’ll stay seamless underneath any outfit, so you can rock it with confidence.

High Waisted or Medium Rise Panties

You might think a higher rise panty will enhance your love handles, but if you look for the right fit, it won’t.

Sometimes having fabric that sits over your midsection can change how you feel. Knowing that that body part you’re insecure about is covered can be like a sense of security.

An A-Line Chemise

The worst thing you can do is have hang-ups about your body when an intimate time calls.

An A-line chemise is ever-flattering for any body type. You can also wear it as a dress for a sexy night out!

A Thick Thong

Don’t think you have to swear off thongs for fear they’ll make you uncomfortable about your love handles. Opt for a thong with thicker side straps that sit on your hips rather than dig in.

No matter what underwear you indulge in to mask your love handles, remember that fit is key. A tight pair of underwear is going to dig into your body, which is not only unhealthy, but will actually create love handles that you might not have. Anything with thin straps or no stretch isn’t going to help you feel better.

Is there a body part YOU’RE insecure about? Leave it in the comments and it may be the next thing we focus on in our Love Yourself series.

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