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Why Inclusivity In Lingerie Matters

You probably already have an idea of why inclusivity in lingerie matters; after all, inclusivity is necessary everywhere.

Whether you’re a lingerie lover and enthusiast, or just someone who knows they have to wear lingerie of some sort everyday, you may not realize just how much you benefit from inclusivity in lingerie. It’s been a trend over the last couple of years, but now, it’s much more than a trend.

Inclusivity in lingerie has a long way to go, but really has come far. How does what’s happened benefit you?

Inclusivity In Lingerie Means We All Get Represented

Parfait’s Perfect Figure movement was iconic. | Yahoo Style UK

When you seen someone who looks like you, or has something that you have, in some sort of public medium, it can have its benefits, especially when that is portrayed in a positive light.

Women are so used to seeing one type of image featured in lingerie adverts for so long. While those women are real (minus the Photoshop) and do deserve to represented, so do all other women with other physicality. That’s why it’s so important that we’ve seen women of color, women of all sizes, women with different abilities, and the like.

Just as women can feel insecure when they see unrealistic images, women can also feel positive and uplifted by seeing women that are like them portrayed as sexy.

More Diverse Sizes And Styles Get Designed

Charlotte Satin Padded Retro Bra by Parfait Lingerie

With inclusivity being so prominent in lingerie, we’ve seen some amazing developments in the lingerie industry because of it.

For example, more lingerie brands are coming out with a wider range of “nude” lingerie so more women can wear skin-toned lingerie. More brands are also emerging with greater size ranges in their arsenal, so more women have more options to shop. Lingerie is being designed for all sides of the gender spectrum and for men. We hope this continues so lingerie is more readily available for any concern a woman might have.

Companies Inspire Other Companies

Lonely Lingerie age inclusive campaign; Lonely has always been inclusive. | via NYLON

We all know that not all brands are on board with adapting to the changes happening in lingerie. However, some brands have made such a substantial impact and have become more successful embracing inclusivity that brands are silly not to jump on board.

The more brands who are willing to expand their scope of who they choose for adverts and who they design for, the more brands who will follow suit. This is true especially since these brands expand who can buy their product!

Soon Enough, Inclusivity In Lingerie Will Be The Norm

Seductive Comfort Strapless Underwire by Calvin Klein

We are just waiting for the day that inclusivity in lingerie is no longer considered a trend or something to consider. We hope one day inclusivity in lingerie becomes the norm. There will hopefully be a day where all women, men, and everyone else has enough options for lingerie that’s beautiful, affordable, and makes them feel sexy and confident.

We’d love to know how inclusivity in the lingerie industry has helped you, or has made a positive impact on your love of lingerie!

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