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One of the worst things you can do besides not getting bra fittings regularly is to trust a bra fitter who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Many of those bargain lingerie stores you probably go to often will measure you, but don’t often know how to fit you properly and give you the advice you need to shop well.

So we’re here to help you “test” your bra fitter, and also help you know what to ask so you can shop for bras perfect for your body. These are also questions you can ask our Bra Doctor if you measure yourself at home and examine your breasts before asking her!

What are my measurements?


Padded Soft Bra by Cybele

We’ve heard some horror stories about bra boutiques that only carry a certain size telling women they are an incorrect size only to keep them shopping in the store. That is SO not okay!

Don’t be afraid to ask her for your measurements so you can google it or verify with our self-measuring tool.

What are my sister sizes?


Flirt Demi Lace Underwire Bra by Montelle Intimates

A knowledgeable bra fitter should be able to tell you about your sister sizes. These are other size options that you can shop.

For example, if you’re a 34E, you may also be able to fit into a 36DD or a 38D. Now, you should still try them on, and if you have a wider back, you may not be able to diversify your size range as much.

What bras work for my breast shape?


Seamless Underwire Bra by Naturana Lingerie

Just because you’ve determined you’re a 40C, it doesn’t mean that every bra in that size will suit you or fit you well.

Your bra fitter should be able to determine your breast shape, or should ask you some questions to verify it. For example, do you carry more weight in the top or bottom of your breast? Are your breasts higher up or do they drift towards the floor?

If you don’t know how to vocalize your breast shape, you can learn more about breast shape and what styles of bras will work for each before your appointment.

What kind of bras do I need?


Marianne Unlined Wire Bra by Parfait Lingerie

This is a little bit of a testy question to determine whether or not your bra fitter has your best interests at heart.

The fitter should tell you about your basic bras that are versatile, not try to sell you the new fancy collection that’s full price. You should at least have a convertible bra, a t-shirt bra, and even a sports bra and bralette.

What kind of bra would you recommend for this problem?

Amourette Charm Stretch Lace Padded Bra by Triumph

If you have trouble with underwire sitting properly, if your bust always pops out of the top, or if your shoulder straps always hurt, your bra fitter should know their inventory enough to recommend bras to eliminate those problems.

Bras are never supposed to be uncomfortable or painful. There are endless options that prioritize comfort while still having style, and they shouldn’t sell you something that doesn’t actually help.

Are there any other questions you have about bra fittings?

Leave us a comment, or chat with the Bra Doctor if need be!

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