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How To Live A Body Positive Life

You can’t go anywhere on the internet without seeing body positivity, body acceptance, body neutrality, etc. etc…

This is amazing! Maybe it’s helped you shed some of your own insecurities about your body, or has helped you dress the way you want to, buy the lingerie you want to, or not shy away from photos anymore. 

The body positive or other body-focused movement(s) is so much more than just advertisements and social media. There’s a lot that you can incorporate into your own life to make the most of these wonderful movements. 

We have a few tips here for how to live a body positive life, because that’s a happy one! 

Stop The Negative Talk To Yourself

Don’t do this to yourself anymore! | via The Oily Guru

No matter how confident we are, we have days where we feel kind of crummy. 

How many of you have said, “I’m so fat,” “My boobs are too small/big,” “My cellulite is gross,” “My thighs are too big,” in the last week? 

We cannot do this anymore, whether in the privacy of our own bedrooms or out loud to our friends. Make a conscious effort to stop yourself when you hear yourself saying these things. Focus on something you do love about yourself! 

Adopt A Healthy Habit

Strut. Your. Stuff! Walk around! | via Giphy

It’s a huge misconception that body positivity or acceptance, or any other movement, is a movement that disregards health. It doesn’t have much to do with health. That doesn’t mean aiming for healthier habits won’t make you feel more body positive!

Maybe it’s Meatless Monday, or going for a walk every other day by yourself with your music, or trying a new vegetable every other week. It should be simple and attainable, and it should be a positive move for your body!

Compliment Others

Get creative with your compliments! | via Tenor

Complimenting others and empowering them is such a powerful thing for your own body image. 

So when you’re scrolling through Instagram, drop a quick “You look beautiful!,” or “That outfit is stunning,” or “You look so happy!,” or even a “DAMN GIRL YOU LOOK HOT!” We guarantee you will make that person’s day, and it’ll make you smile to know you’re confident enough in your own skin to lift others up. 

Know Your Size And Accept It 

Getting measured for the right bra is necessary! | via The Plushist

Knowing your clothing size, your bra size, and your underwear size is very important, but only to make sure you’re wearing the right size. Your size isn’t important for your self worth or for how confident you’re allowed to be in your skin.

We are often scared to admit what size we are, because certain sizes have been seen as better or worse for so long. It really, truly only matters to make sure you’re wearing the right size clothing or lingerie. 

Above all else, body positivity or acceptance is not an overnight change. We will all probably struggle with how we view our bodies for a long time. Being mindful of how you speak to yourself, how you speak to others, how you present yourself, and how you live your life is the best way to stop letting your body hold you back. 

Everyone is beautiful, and your beauty is uniquely yours, so own it!

Do you have any body positive tips that have helped you embrace and love your body?

Please leave your positive thoughts in the comments below!

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