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Now that lingerie has become so much more than just a wardrobe staple, and the lingerie industry has become more diverse, a lot of women have found a new love for it. 

But some women still aren’t loving it, or aren’t wearing it. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but there might be some reasons that some women aren’t embracing lingerie for themselves that can be changed!

They Aren’t Wearing The Right Size

Blush After Dark Lace Unlined Non Padded Underwire Bra

You’ve probably heard that 80-90% of women do not wear the right bra size. Can you believe that it’s still true?

We don’t know the exact number, but the majority of women still have a hard time finding their correct size. It could be that they’re being measured wrong by sales people that don’t know what their doing, or that they’ve just given up because they are getting so many incorrect answers. 

If you want to try measuring yourself, you can definitely do that – and if you want to chat with our Bra Doctor to discuss the measurement you found, you can do that too!

Their Style Of Choice Doesn’t Work For Them 

Lace Escape Warner’s Underwire Contour Galloon Lace Bra

We very much believe that women should feel comfortable wearing lingerie that speaks to them regardless of their body. However, there are some styles that may not give you the support you need. 

For example, if you have large or heavy breasts, you might have a harder time finding bralettes that support you. However, in this case, bralettes are being designed for larger breasts, and some come with underwire. 

We Still Have Work To Do 

High Waist High Cut Thong Shaper by Hooked Up Shapewear

The lingerie industry, lingerie companies, and lingerie advertisements have come very far in the last five years or so. We are starting to see women of all sizes, colors, and abilities, and even people of all genders. 

This is amazing, but we do think it needs to stay consistent, and brands need to continue to expand size range and style range. 

Do you have any lingerie issues that we can maybe help you with? 

Share them with us in the comments below!

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