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5 Reasons You Should Love Your Body Right Now, And At Any Age

Don’t you just get so bored with being mean to yourself?!

Well, we hope that you aren’t mean to yourself. But a lot of us women are. We’re not very nice to ourselves, with this constant pressure that we aren’t good enough the way that you are.

One of our missions aside from dressing you in beautiful lingerie is making sure you feel beautiful in it… and well, all the time!

So, if you’re feeling a little bit down or you’re finding yourself unhappy with your physical self, we have some advice for you – things we try to remember when we’re feeling down.

1. It’s YOURS. It will never be HERS.

Never compare yourself. | Montelle Lace And Microfiber A-Line Racerback Chemise

Your body is yours. You need to love it because it belongs to you, and you are the only person blessed with it. When we compare ourselves to other women, we’re not doing either of us any good.

We all have some sort of insecurity, and guaranteed if there’s something you want from her, there’s something she wants from you. We might as well be happy with what we have, because what that person has doesn’t necessarily make them happy.

2. There Are Benefits To Treating Your Body Well

Love your body inside and out. | Nursing And Maternity Soft Cup Double Moulded by Naturana

When you treat your body well, you feel better.

The way you treat your body is really the most important in terms of nutrition, exercise, and rest, to name a few things. You deserve to be giving yourself the time and energy to nourish your body on the inside and outside.

As we get older, we may start to realize this, but what our body needs can also change. So pay attention to your body and treat it right, and it will reward you.

3. Age = Wisdom – Wisdom = Knowing There’s More To Life

Getting older is not a bad thing. | Magnifique The Sensuelle Panty by Body Hush

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel beautiful. However, you should be embracing what you already have and maybe showing it off in a different way.

There really is more to life than worrying about what you look like. It can be all-consuming, which means we’ll miss out on making memories and living in the moment.

4. Negative Self Talk Is Damaging

Don’t be mean. | Parfait Christy Microfiber Seamless Molded Underwire Tankini

Talking down to ourselves with negative self-talk is more damaging than you may realize.

Doing it a little bit will lead to it being a habit, meaning it’ll get harder and harder to acknowledge and appreciate what you think is good.

When we tell ourselves something is wrong with us, then we tell ourselves we are not enough. If we aren’t enough, we’ll stop taking care of ourselves. It’s just a downward cycle. So, try to listen to the way you talk to yourself and when you hear the negative stuff, nip it in the bud!

5. Standards Of Beauty Change, So Who’s Right?

Everybody and every body is beautiful. | Sleeveless Summer Dress With Hidden Pockets by Zaan

Literally every body type has been considered beautiful at some point in time. So which one is right?

None of them, really. The idea of there being one type of beauty is old and tired. What is the most beautiful is YOU feeling beautiful and YOU knowing your worth, because that’s something everyone finds attractive, no matter what you look like.

Do you practice self love? If so, what is your advice?

Let us know in the comments below!

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