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Uplifting Quotes To Lift Your Spirits

The power of positivity is absolutely real, but it takes effort to live a positively inspired life. 

With all of the challenges the last year has put in all of our paths, we could all use a little bit of motivation to actively pursue a more positive life. 

If you’re struggling with finding sources of joy, self confidence, body image, or just simply finding the strength to persevere, here are some lighthearted and uplighting quotes to help lift your spirits! Be sure to share this post so you can spread a little love around your timelines. 

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Confidence is definitely a lifelong practice, and true confidence that will last comes from within. Trying to build confidence on the backs of other people never works. 

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Trying to fake a positive outlook in every situation doesn’t necessarily work. However, even when you allow yourself to be down, just always remember in the back of your mind that things will get better. 

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It’s okay to have a bad day every once in a while. Let yourself feel your feelings and then pull up this list to affirm yourself. 

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Our bodies are pretty incredible machines. The way they look doesn’t really matter in the long run. What matters is the way we treat what’s inside. 

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When you’re being mean to yourself, consider whether or not you would say those things to someone else. Chances are you wouldn’t. So stop being mean to yourself! 

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It may be a cliche, but trying to be something you’re not doesn’t work. A bully never wins, even someone who is a bully to themselves. You deserve your own kindness. 

What is one way you keep yourself feeling upbeat and positive?

Let us know in the comments below!

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