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Does Lingerie Shopping Have To Be So Hard?

Our bodies are complicated; they change as we get older, our sizes always fluctuate, and each of our bodies are so unique. 

So when it comes to finding the perfect lingerie for yourself, does lingerie shopping have to be so hard?

Of course, for us, the answer is NO! Sure, there are some really important things to keep in mind when shopping for lingerie, and we’ll go over that below – but lingerie is supposed to be fun! It serves some practical purposes, sure, but it’s also supposed to bring you joy and empower you to feel sexy and beautiful in your own skin. 

In order to make lingerie shopping so much easier for you, here are three tips that we think are the absolute most important things to know when building your intimate collection!

1] Bra Fittings Are Non-Negotiable

Low Plunge Underwire Seamless Emma Molded Bra by Parfait

You definitely need to know your bra size to shop for bras. If you think you know your size, you should still either get measured or measure yourself every six months or so. 

When you know your size, you have the freedom to shop the styles of bras that you really love. Sure, you might have to experiment with your sister sizes because every brand is different, but it’ll cut down the time you need to take to try on bras when you have an idea of what your size is right now. 

You also want to look at the shape of your breasts, where you carry the weight in your breasts, and think about what you really want from your bra. If you want the ultimate lift and shape, a padded push up bra is your best friend. If you just want a little bit of coverage for modesty and that’s all, a bralette is perfect for you. 

2] Absolutely Have The Basic Necessities

Montelle Moonlight And Roses Allure Underwire Light Push Up Bra

There are some basic necessities in lingerie that are good to have in your collection. These are things you may wear often, but when they are in rotation with your other pretty things, they can last you a long time and can get you through a lot of days and outfits. 

For starters, a t-shirt bra is one of those everyday essentials that you will get so much use out of. It’s also nice to have a convertible bra so you don’t have to buy a bunch of different styles if that’s not in your budget. Having a sports bra is essential as well if you exercise in any capacity. 

We also highly recommend seamless panties or a well-made thong that’ll hide under anything, and a cotton or antibacterial panty for workouts or days where you need comfort and breathability. 

3] Buy What YOU Love

Mapale 3-Piece Romper Set

Outside of the basic necessities that’ll prepare you for everything, it’s really important to just go for it! If you want to wear bodysuits and rock your lingerie outside all day, more power to you! If you’re wanting to say goodbye to wires, you can do that easily!

Lingerie really is a power tool that can help you embrace what your body truly is, instead of what others think it should be. It can be something you simply slip on and instantly feel sexy, seductive, and in control. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what your size is, what your abilities are; buy the lingerie that you love and make no apologies for it! 

Do you have a specific lingerie shopping hurdle that you need help with?

Let us know in the comments below or chat with our Bra Doctor! 

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