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Navigating Body Insecurity In Summer

Once the temperatures start rising, so too does weight loss propaganda, beach body posts, and a wave of insecurity among many of us. 

We’re wearing less clothing to try and stay cool, or heading to the beach or the pool (well, this summer is a bit different), where much more of our bodies are going to be exposed. For some of us, it’s a welcome change. For a lot of us, there’s a lot of fear involved. 

How many people have you heard groan about how their legs look in shorts? How they can’t wear short dresses because of chafing, or because their cellulite is going to show? How they shy away from swimming, tanning, or lounging because they can’t bear the thought of someone seeing them in a bikini or a one piece?

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Listen, these thoughts are normal. There is no shame in thinking these thoughts. We can’t help it. It’s been ingrained in us for so long to try to turn our bodies into one specific thing to be summer ready. We’ve been taught that summer is the time to diet and exercise and try new products to shed those pounds fast to achieve a “swimsuit body,” and it’s hard to unlearn. 

However, the effort to unlearn these negative, untrue, and sometimes dangerous body standards for summer is totally worth it. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: if you have a body, and you have a swimsuit, you have a swimsuit body. There is no one body type that is more deserving or more worthy of wearing a bathing suit. Moreover, every body deserves a bathing suit that fits them well, makes them feel beautiful, and is made to suit their body and give it the support it deserves. Thankfully, more and more options are being created that are more size inclusive, and more styles are being offered so that more people have the option to wear the style that they enjoy. 

When it comes to what you wear day to day throughout the summer, it’s definitely not fair to feel as though you have to cover up and potentially be uncomfortable or overheat because of what others might think of your body. Chances are, the majority of people won’t even notice. For the small amount of people that do, most of them won’t ever say anything. For the few who do say something negative, that says more about them than about you; people who don’t feel good about themselves are the only ones who will say something negative about your body. 

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It’s okay if it’s not as easy for you to just simply shed the layers and expose your legs, arms, tummies, or whatever it is that may make you feel insecure. It takes time, patience with yourself, and small steps. It doesn’t make you any more or less liberated; it just means you’re moving at your own pace. 

We like the idea of cover ups because they can help you feel a bit more comfortable in your swimwear, but still let you stay cool and don’t conceal everything. A robe or chemise can easily become a cover up, and can amplify your bathing suit into a fashion statement of its own. 

Speedo Cotton Aquatic Fitness 3/4 Sleeve Robe with Hood

So the next time you’re getting dressed for a hot day, going shopping for new summer clothes, or trying to select a bathing suit, remember these things: 

  1. No body is excluded from enjoying the summer, and every body is a swimsuit body
  2. You do not have to be a certain weight or size to wear summer clothing or swimsuits
  3. The majority of people aren’t looking at your exposed body, your cellulite, stretchmarks, etc.
  4. You can customize your summer wardrobe to your own comfort level, but don’t have to sacrifice what you love to wear to appease other people

Do you have any tips or tricks that have helped you navigate body insecurity in summer?

Please share with us in the comments below!

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Yours In Lingerie, 

Celine, The Bra Doctor 



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