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Lingerie is fun and fabulous and you can create your greatest fantasies with it.

But our bodies also do interesting things or we may not really know what kind of lingerie is best for our bodies. 

Thankfully, our Bra Doctor has a wealth of knowledge that she’s more than happy to share with all of you. No question is too big for her, but maybe there’s something you’ve been wanting to ask her that you might be afraid to. 

We’re going to do our best to answer some of the bigger questions here, but you can also leave a comment or message her here

My nipples/my boobs get irritated when I wear lace materials, but I LOVE lace! 

Montelle Wireless Cup Sized Lace Bralette

Your boobs are a very sensitive part of the body, which is a good thing in many ways, but a stronger material like lace can leave it irritated. This is normal, because we all have varying degrees of sensitivity with our skin and with our nipples. 

Boob sweat is also VERY real and some women deal with a lot of it, which can mean her bra choices are important.

You can try a cute little nipple pad to protect them against itchiness or irritation, and you can treat your irritated areas outside of the nipple with cornstarch. 

Yes, I’ve tried this, and it works! 

Why does my underwear look like there’s a bleach stain on the crotch?

Parfait Charlotte Stretch Satin Low Rise Bikini

I’m sure most of you ladies have seen this once or twice, or maybe all the time, and maybe you were worried. But this is totally normal! 

This is caused by our discharge, which has good bacteria and acidic properties and is quite powerful for many reasons! Our lady bits are working properly when this happens, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It can just be kind of annoying. 

*If you’re worried about your discharge or have more questions, it’s time for a visit to your gynecologist!

Does the underwear I wear after sex matter?

Calvin Klein Invisibles Laser Cut Hipster Panty

Yes! While you might have looked oh-so-sexy in that pre-coital ensemble, you should avoid slipping it back on afterwards. 

A woman’s body cleans itself naturally, but it needs room to breathe, so have a pair of clean, soft cotton or antimicrobial panties to slip on. You can also go without underwear, but if that’s not your thing, clean and breathable is key. 

Does it REALLY matter if I wear a pair of underwear a second day?

Blush After Dark Lace High Leg Thong

You shouldn’t cringe at this; it’s probably more common than you think. 

Maybe it’s laundry day or you just feel too lazy to change, but you really should make the effort. 

Changing your underwear every day, or even after vigorous activity or sweating, is highly important to avoid rashes, irritation, or infection. Just because you are clean, it doesn’t mean you can stretch out the time you wear your underwear. Just don’t risk it!

How do I get rid of _________ stains?

Full Coverage Lace Underwire Bra by Cybele

Listen, some of us sweat A LOT, some of us can’t find a tampon in time, we might leak or bleed or maybe forget to wash a bra and it kind of smells. The last thing you should feel embarrassed! Our bodies are cool and do different things. 

We have a blog here that tells you how to deal with all of these, because that’s how many women deal with this stuff!

Do you have any lingerie questions for us or our Bra Doctor?

Once again, you can comment below if you feel comfortable!

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